I bow out (2020-05-27)

I've decided that neocities just isn't for me anymore. Honestly, it's been over a year since I touched this site, and I've decided it's for the best if I leave it. This will stay up as an archive of my past, but don't expect any major updates to this site anymore. I will try to remain active in the community as ShitWorld, although I haven't touched that in over a year either. Farewell, for now.

Welcome to ShitWorld! (2019-02-16)

I had a realization, late at night. I never actually tried making a site for nostalgia purposes. So I figured I'd do my best. Introducing ShitWorld! Designed like an old Geocities site but with 2019 tech.

All things must pass (2018-12-31)

So all of Somnolescent has left for their own hosting. I wish them the best. While I was in my footer code updating the button links to their new sites, I added a few new quotes. Expect to see some new ones as you browse my meager offerings here.

Implementing Lines in TIC-80 (2018-12-09)

Finally, some new content for my site! See it here!

Moved neowiki (2018-09-29)

So neowiki finally has its own domain! See it here!

Changed the about page (2018-09-16)

Apparently, meanietuxmariteaux didn't like me using his idea for an about page, so I changed it up a bit.

Working on it! (2018-09-15)

I added an about page, and I added this section for updates. That's about it for now.